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This is a demonstration test for International Taekwon-Do.

The results of this test will not be recorded.
This quiz has 3 sections. these sections can be completed in any order, click on the menu button in the top left corner to select any section and question.
If you are unsure of the answer for any question you can mark it for further review. Next to every question there is an icon "", click on this star to mark it for review. Once you have clicked on the star it will change to . This star will also appear in the menu next to any questions marked for review.
There are three different question types in this test:
  • Single Answer - There is only one correct answer to these questions. When you click on an option it will become selected, if another option was already selected it will be deselected
  • Multiple Answer - There are multiple correct answers to this question. Click on an option to select it, clicking on the option again will deselect it.
  • Correct Order - There are multiple correct answers to this question, but they must be placed in the correct order. Clicking on an option will select it and place it in the default order (first clicked to last clicked). Every selected option can be moved by clicking on the or buttons next to the option.
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This question has One correct answer.
This question has Multiple correct answers.
This question has Multiple correct answers that must be selected and then sorted into the correct Order.
Every option in this question is correct and has been selected for you. Sort the answers into the correct Order.
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